latest nicole kidman plastic surgery before and after

Nicole Kidman is among the most respectable and well-known celebrities in Hollywood. For all those who know her from the very start know that she began her career as an Australian movie star and within a few years she has risen to fame Internationally through Hollywood. Since the time she became famous, there are many rumors and gossips about her. That she had undergone multiple plastic surgery treatments in order to enhance her beauty and to sustain her youth with the growing age.

nicole kidman plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Over the Years:

The majority of the fans of Nicole Kidman have noticed that there are various changes in her face. And these changes are surely not natural. Many of her fans have to say that she had a nose job and lips surgery. While some of them also think that she had undergone a facelift surgery in order to keep herself young, beautiful and maintained. But she herself has never admitted that she had undergone any cosmetic surgery. And stated that everything about her body is natural.

latest nicole kidman plastic surgery before and after

But apart from her own statements, almost everyone is agreed to the fact that there is a huge transformation in her face including her fans and followers. The major transformation that she had face is in her lips, forehead, and cheeks. So to know what the real truth is we need to closely look at some of her transformations through the last few years.

Nicole Kidman Before and After Lip Augmentation:

2007-08 were the years that had brought most defame to Nicole Kidman’s professional career due to her plastic surgery controversies and rumors. That was the time when almost all the media, as well as cosmetic surgery experts along with popular celebrities, had started gossiping about her controversial lip augmentation surgery.

nicole kidman lip augmentation

No matter what is the truth but one thing is for sure that her lips have gotten great transformation. Which can be either due to Botox or dermal fillers.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before and After: Facelift Surgery:

If you observe the above two pictures of Nicole Kidman’s face closely. You will find that her face looks swollen and puffed in the second photo. This huge transformation in her face hasn’t gone unnoticed.

nicole kidman facelift surgery

In fact, it clearly tells that Nicole Kidman has definitely undergone a facelift surgery to make her face look more beautiful and much fuller just like the other sections and parts of her body.

Nicole Kidman’s Confession About Her Plastic Surgeries:

After refusing the fact that she had a plastic surgery for so many years. Nicole Kidman in 2011 while giving an interview has finally accepted that she had used Botox injections. In the interview, she also stated that she doesn’t like her facial appearance. After her confession about her plastic surgeries. Nicole in 2012 has become the brand ambassador for “Swisse”. Where she promoted the essentials and importance of women’s inner health.



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