melania trump nose job

Melania Trump appeared recently after being absent for almost 24 days from the public eye, following a white house statement that she had undergone a kidney embolization surgery. But there are also some rumors about Melania Trump plastic surgery because she was admitted in the hospital for 5 nights which is a weird thing because most of the kidney embolization patients are often discharge within 24 hours.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery 2018:

Due to the reason that nobody saw her for 24 days afterward, there are many theories and gossips around the internet about the actual reasons for her long disappearance. But the most popular of them was that she had been under the knife and gotten some minor plastic surgery. It is not the first time that she has been in the news for her plastic surgery transformations. In the past also she had been alleged with plastic surgery treatments.

Melania trump plastic surgery

Melania Trump Before and After Nose Job:

Upon comparing the above two image. We can observe that the nose of Melania Trump looks more refined in the “now” image. Many plastic surgery experts think that Melania Trump had a nose job due to which her nose has a major transformation. Now if we look a close look at her nose it appears straighter and thinner, but still looks natural.

melania trump nose job

Melania Trump Before and After Using Cheek Injections:

This is something that not many people notice, but some of Melania Trump photos revealed that Melania had unconvincing sculpted cheeks and a few years back it looked much more prominent. This transformation in her Cheek is most possibly because of the usage of cheek injections. Now her lips look thinner which also indicates that she has undergone cheek surgery.

melania trump cheek implant

Looks of Melania Trump Before and After Eye Surgery:

Not many people can understand the reason that why Melania Trump wants to have an eye surgery. Because Donald Trump’s wife no doubt possess one of the most beautiful blue eyes pair that every woman in world desire for. The size of her eyes is in perfect proportion with her nose, face shape, and lips.

melania trump before and after eye surgery

Melania Trump Facelift Surgery:

If we observe the above photos we notice that there is definitely some change in the face of Melania Trump as compared to a few years back. To know whether Melania had a facelift surgery or not is quite easy. Whenever someone uses botox or any other kind of fillers you would see deep wrinkles around his/her cheeks. Whenever Melania smiles or laughs anyone can clearly see these wrinkles. In fact, these cheek wrinkles on her face have now become her identity.

melania trump facelift

In the end, it is better to give Melania Trump the benefit of the doubt. And make a conclusion that she is among the best first ladies America ever have. Let the reader decide that either she is a genuine beauty or an artificial one.



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