lindsay lohan plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan has gone under a number of transformations over the years. Her face has changed almost as much as her image throughout these years. But it’s never been as quick as it has been in the recent short period of time. The rumors about Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery had taken the social media by storm in just a few hours since her photos went public. Her fans are still hopeful that she is just the victim of some temporary minor filler work and nothing more than that. The majority consensus seems to be that she has undergone the needle, not the knife. And therefore, her transformed face should eventually return to its normal appearance.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery 2018:

Here below are some of the transformations that Lindsay Lohan has had during the past few years and what are the most possible reasons behind these transformations. Take a look:

lindsay lohan plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan Before and After Facelift Surgery:

Many of the Plastic surgery experts have confirmed that Lindsay Lohan had used fillers injected into her cheeks and lips. Some of them are also of the views that she had undergone a facelift surgery technique called the liquid facelift. This liquid facelift technique combines fillers with botox to redefine the face and it also allows little or no cutting. But it seems like that she has done liquid facelift too much due to which she has a changed and unnatural face look. The skin between her eyebrows and her eyelids has been filled with pieces that had been cut out from a high heel pad and her forehead had been shellacked with a mixture of gel wax that you often found in nail salon and cement.

lindsay lohan facelift before and after

Lindsay Lohan Botox and Lip Injections:

Comparing the above two photos of Lindsay, you will notice her face has become fuller and her lip becomes more plumped than before. Because she has got some gummy worms sewn into her bottom and top lips.

lindsay lohan lip injections and botox

If you will give a closer look at the above 2 photos of Lindsay Lohan. You will easily catch the difference in her lips straight away without taking much time. You can clearly see in the first image that her lips look more puffed. While in the second image her lips have a completely different look. And such major transformation cannot be possible without the usage of lip injections.


There are also many interesting gossips about her lips transformation on the internet. However, the female superstar seems not really concern about the opinions of others. She has been under the sights of the cameras continuously for her shocking antics and unusual behavior. If we view through this logic then the result of her unusual transformations have not given her fame. But due to her controversies, people are at least talking about her.



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